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Always Free GDPR Database Management Tool

Get 100% compliant with new EU Data Protection Policy

Minimise your business risk by moving your customer database to our completely free app equipped with all the obligatory Personal Data Management Tools:

  • "Forget me" button at each single contact card
  • Individual personal data export tool
  • Turn on / turn off customer profiling
  • Specification of the sources of personal data
  • Full customer consent scheme compliant with GDPR

You are on the safe side with us!

Learn more about GDPR and changes in managing your database

CDP compliant with
the GDPR regulations

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, goes into effect. Take it as an opportunity to set your database in order and show your customers that your activities are transparent and clear. SALESmanago will help you with that by offering you the best CDP
tool that meets all requirements included in the GDPR.

SALESmanago Marketing Automation



GDPR introduces the requirement of processing the personal data on the territory of European Union. It guarantees the user a right to be forgotten which means deletion of all user’s data. The regulation does not release you from collecting marketing consents, on the contrary, it clarifies the process and imposes a duty of storing the consents. The reason for implementing the GDPR is to enable users to give their consents for the usage of their personal data and increase their awareness why you collect them. When you design technological solutions, you need to take into consideration the protection of the personal data.


SALESmanago has introduced an array of solutions which fulfill the requirements of the regulation. One of them is a tool for consent design and convenient management of consents. With this tool, you will be able to present evidence of legally acquired consent and indicate the sources of consent acquisition. Additionally, on each contact card, the buttons have been added: Forget me, which enables deletion of contact’s data irretrievably and Stop monitoring, which turns off the customer profiling.

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