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AI Search Engine

Help your visitors explore your products with an AI-based search engine with product recommendations. Turn simple search into a real discovery.

SALESmanago Predictive Analytics

Key Features

Deliver perfectly matched, relevant search results thanks to the utilization of Natural Language Processing and AI product recommendations. Show the products that the customer really would like to buy.

Personalize the search results with information on past searches, visits and transactions

Enrich search results with product recommendations and show what may also interest the user

Understand what the customer is looking for with the use of autocorrection, synonyms, and data on other users searches

Customize the search results and define what products you would like to show for different kind of queries

Improve the customer service by showing also articles and information that answers customer’s questions

Integrate live chat conversations and use the information that the customer already gave you

Rank the search results and increase their accuracy in time

Feedback loop intelligent results ranking and optimization

How it works

Our AI Search Engine integrates with your current search technology and empowers it with customer-based insights and additional search results generated thanks to the analysis of behavioral, transactional data, and past searches.
The solution:

AI Search Engine
  • Integrates with the current search engine with AJAX or server-side integration
  • Enables creation of multiple search engines with different presets of search results generation
  • Reads search terms used and verifies the data of the user
  • Responds with the 1-to-1 tailored search results
  • Analyzes the reaction - if results are clicked and bought
  • Ranks the effectiveness of each result and optimizes the next responses
  • Enables full customization of algorithms responsible for delivering the responses


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