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Loyalty Program

Create strategies to engage your customers, increase retention, improve their experience, and sell more

Thanks to the advanced configurations of points and tiers, it is possible to create a Loyalty Program ideally matched to the business that will effectively help in achieving business goals
Create your own gamification and reward programs by using advanced automation processes based on non-standard customer activity on the website
Precisely analyze the data provided by Loyalty Program participants and measure the revenue generated by loyal customers


in 5 minutes any type of Loyalty Program using our unique and user-friendly wizard

Set up

various membership tiers to better organize your campaigns, no coding and IT support required


customer engagement and revenues of your marketing campaigns to fully achieve your sales goals


and increase retention and LTV of your customers with highly customizable Loyalty Programs integrated with all CDP data


your own gamification and reward programs to effectively support your customer’s buying cycle


beyond transactions in creating your Loyalty Program and use data about customer behavior


data from Loyalty Program in advanced omnichannel workflows and automation rules


a unique Customer Experience, transfer your customers from an occasional segment to loyal, and decrease the churn probability


the effectiveness of Loyalty Program by measuring how your customers are progressing across different program tiers

  • Capabilities
  • Possibility to create all types of loyalty programs (points, cashback, hybrid, etc.)
  • Possibility to earn points based on transactions
  • Awarding points based on behavioral data
  • Possibility of awarding points for special occasions
  • Awarding points via API
  • Granting benefits and points through automation processes
  • Possibility to build multi-tiers programs
  • Extensive configuration options for points and tiers
  • Ability to subscribe to a program via form
  • Possibility of creating dedicated campaigns for contacts included in the program
  • Detailed analytics for each program
  • Detailed analysis of the contact's activity on contact card
On the customers’ contact cards it is possible to find all information about their progress in the selected Loyalty Program and to freely manage points - for example, award them with bonus points
It is possible to view and track changes in the number of points...
...and changes of tiers. Thanks to this, you can see if a selected customer is active in the following Loyalty Program

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