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Omnichannel communication

Send consistent, personalized content across all channels

Omnichannel communication

Combine different mediums
to strengthen the message

Use all available communication channels to reach your contacts in all touchpoints. SALESmanago lets you conduct bulk campaigns, send individual messages or display tailored content across different channels and devices. Combine different mediums to strengthen the message or find alternative one to make sure your message will be delivered. Don`t confuse your customers with inconsistent, not coordinated messaging.

Plan your marketing and sales campaigns using:

  • emails, SMS messages
  • push notifications
  • web push notifications
  • live chat
  • website personalization
  • social media
  • ad networks
  • call center
  • POS

Areas of use

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Personalized remarketing

RTB network enables you to reach your prospect with personalized message.

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AdRemarketing by Google DoubleClick

AdRemarketing module can easily target display ads with last viewed products.

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Multichannel Marketing

With the use of SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform you can make the most of Multichannel Marketing.

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