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Use SALESmanago personalization features in your mass campaigns to make them feel as they were prepared individually to each of your contacts. Address your customers directly to get their attention and surprise them with content perfectly matching what you already know about them. SALESmanago lets you use any information saved about your contacts in the content of messages or to display different variants of content based on the specific contact data.

Use personalization based on:

  • contact data (name, localization, title, etc.)
  • contact's details (gender, age, loyalty points, etc.)
  • transactional data
  • behavioural data
  • segmentation
  • device

Areas of use

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Dynamic one-to-one emails

One of the most innovative and technologically advanced functions provided by SALESmanago Marketing Automation.

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Real-time content personalization

The module enabling tracking visits to your website in real-time delivers information on current behaviour of users who are visiting your web page at this particular moment.

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Transactional Analytics and Automation

SALESmanago Marketing Automation software has a complete module analyzing transactional data.

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