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We have won numerous awards and honors. We were named: a winner of Poland GO GLOBAL competition, organized by the National Centre for Research and Development in cooperation with the Harvard Business Review, a winner of the Aulery – a competition for the best tech company. Our CEO and Founder – Grzegorz Błażewicz was awarded the title of the finalist of the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

Webit Award Festival

For a digital company, receiving Webit Award confirms the company’s quality and effectiveness of business models, business influence and the influence on the policy on the new digital and technological markets. Such an award proves high competences which are indispensable if it comes to digital transformation of business. The award is given to the best innovators in marketing and communication. In 2017 SALESmanago was the winner in Best Innovation for Commerce and Brand category in Central and Eastern Europe.

Private Equity Diamonds

The idea behind the contest is to mark the best entrepreneurs and investments which contributed to the development of the Polish economy in a distinct way. Diamonds depicts the added value of the funds which contribute to the growth of the Polish companies and capital market. The jury of the sixth edition of the contest under the patronage of Executive Club and Polish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association gave SALESmanago an award in Portfolio company VC category in 2017.

SALESmanago ranked 11th in Deloitte Fast 50

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE is a ranking of the fastest developing technological companies in Central Europe. For 18 years Deloitte, an advisory company, has been organizing a program that promotes innovativeness. Deloitte accepts both companies that have an established position on the market and those which have been set up recently. The aim of the project is to draw attention to the fastest growing technological companies in Central Europe. The program is a chance for the young and independent companies that grow rapidly.

Prizewinner in Młoda Marka Sukcesu Rzeczpospolitej

A prestigious contest organized by Gremi Media aims at honouring the Polish companies which have successfully introduced the new brands of products on the Polish market. The participants of the contest included only companies which were set up after the 1st of January 2009, their revenue exceeded over 7 million zlotys in 2016 and were established with a view to an activity on the Polish market.
The contest took place alongside with a gala that promoted a ranking of the most valuable Polish brands. The overall value of 330 most important brands amounts to 64,7 billion zlotys. The top three include Orlen, Biedronka and PKO Bank Polski, which together are worth 11 billion zlotys.

Firma z Energią

Every year, 20 best export companies are distinguished in a prestigious ranking Firma z Energią. There are three categories: small, medium-sized and large business. All companies have the Polish capital. They are assessed on the basis of: – the share of export in sales, – technological advance and innovativeness of exported products (deeply processed and advanced technologically products were favored), – entrance on the completely new product and geographical markets, – the strength of the brand and its share in the global market.

SALESmanago was a finalist in the ranking for the best Polish exporters in 2016 as a medium-sized company.

Krakowianin Roku

The purpose of the contest is to honour the people who are related to Kraków, achieved a success last year or who stood out because of the community service. Politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, people involved culturally, community workers and city activists take part in the competition in order to win this prestigious title. The list of nominated candidates is prepared on the basis of readers’ proposals and also the jury proposes its own candidates. The jury consists of the prominent Cracovian citizens, experts and winners of the previous editions of the contest. There are two winners chosen for each category: one wins the title of Krakowianin 2015 and the other is granted a title of Krakowianin Czytelników Dziennika Polskiego 2015. The former is granted by the jury and the latter is granted by the people voting in the contest. The title of Krakowianin Czytelników Dziennika Polskiego 2015 in the category of entrepreneurs was granted to Grzegorz Błażewicz who is a co-founder of Benhauer. The company creates both marketing and sales technologies and solutions.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award – SALESmanago CEO & Founder Greg Błażewicz

E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year is the only, widely recognized, international initiative promoting the best entrepreneurs. The competition is organized globally by EY company since 1986 and gathers participants from over 60 countries. In Poland, the first edition took place in 2003. From this time onwards the initiative built an impressive community around the idea of promoting the success of Polish entrepreneurs. The initiative connects the owners of best Polish companies and authorities in the world of business. The group is constantly growing, offering unparalleled chance for building business relations to new cohorts of participants. Committee, independent of EY, makes decisions about the best entrepreneur by taking into consideration a set of factors such as: entrepreneurship, strategy, international activity, innovations and internal and external relations. Such criteria – identical in all the countries – gives all entrepreneur globally equal opportunities in competing for the award. EY Entrepreneurs of the Year is the initiative aiming at distinguishing a man – entrepreneur, visionary, leader rather than his company. In 2014 SALESmanago CEO & Founder Greg Blazewicz went as far as to the final of the Edition and was among Polish TOP 8 Entrepreneurs and took a second place in the New Business Category.

Winner of the Aulery – a competition for the best tech company

Aulery are the awards given since 2009. They are annual distinctions for young companies, which develop with determination in technologically innovative environments and promote the culture of entrepreneurship. Aulery were created by Aula Polska- the oldest active barcamp initiative in Poland. The statues are awarded by a Committee composed of practitioners and industry investors. The winners of Aulery have traditionally been the companies that eventually succeed internationally, often due to investors’ attention drawn during the competition.

Winner of Poland GO GLOBAL competition

In recent years polish firms have been growing more effective in reaching to foreign markets. They compete not only with their prices but also with the quality of their services, flexibility of action, excellency in customer service and with implementation of innovative business models. In order for Polish economy to grow dynamically, more Polish companies must take a conscious risk at expanding internationally due to shrinking domestic market caused by the forthcoming demographic restrictions. For this reason PKO Bank Polski S.A. initiated a competition Future Global Leaders. In this competition, organized by think tank: Poland, Go Global!, we select companies that, according to the Committee, have a high potential for success in their respective industries on international markets.

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