SALESmanago Marketing Automation

CRM & Dynamic Segmenetation


SALESmanago Contact Card compiles all knowledge about your particular client. The information stored on the contact card includes behavioural data obtained from tracking the contact’s behavior as well as any available transactional data. SALESmanago Marketing Automation integrates several sources of information about your customers showing their coherent and full picture in one location on their individual contact cards. The client data is collected and up-dated in real time. 

Information available on the contact card

  • Behavioral data –  sourced from the module for identification and tracking of the contact’s behavior online
  • Transactional data – available thanks to integration between SALESmanago Marketing Automation and CRM / ERP systems
  • Marketing and sales campaign overview – detailed information on campaigns your contacts are involved in and their current level of involvement
  • Contact communication overview – list of all email, SMS, VMS and phone messages received by a particular contact
  • Segmentation data – information on segments your contacts have been classified into on the basis of their behavior
  • Information from external sources – data from other systems and databases integrated with SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform
  • Data entered manually by the sales team and/or Call Center
  • Contact scoring – sum of scoring points added automatically for every instant of client-company interaction 

Key Features

  • Create and manage your contacts’ database
  • Fuel your CRM automatically with customer data
  • Build 360* profiles with personal, transactional and behavioural data in one place
  • Create segments based on behaviour, transactions and any custom data
  • Use scoring to identify hottest leads and their real interests
  • Alert your team about leads’ activity
  • Learn what is the best hour and day to contact your customer
  • Manage your sales with notes, tasks and reminders
  • Structure, measure and optimize your sales process with funnels
SALESmanago - More than CRM

Basic CRM features provided by SALESmanago

  • Lead routing – automated transfer of contacts along the sales funnel and to a designated members of your sales team
  • Contact segmentation – automated division of contacts into segments characterized by identical or similar interests and behaviors, based on transactional and behavioral data
  • Managing contact flow in marketing campaigns – create targeted campaigns and automatically adjust your marketing message to the current stage of the prospect’s involvement
  • Managing contact flow in sales funnels – set up an unlimited number of sales funnels
  • Managing client life cycle – you can dynamically adjust your marketing activities over time to keep up with the changing needs of your customers
  • Grouping and tagging contacts, integration with calendar, creating tasks and notes
  • Creating company cards and grouping contacts from one company
  • Import and export of contacts, including contact details
  • Import and export of data via API – automated synchronization with external systems

Effects of use

Properly prepared contact management process brings you a number of benefits, including:

  • better educated customers
  • better understanding of your customers’ needs
  • higher profitability

A 10% increase in the quality and availability of data increases the company’s revenues by 14%.

Customer Reference

„SALESmanago is an extremely user friendly and efficient tool for Email Marketing. The ease to access and navigate behavioral analysis before and after e-mail campaigns is exceptionally good.”
Sandip Chhatui, Marketing Manager – Clonect Solutions Private Limited