SALESmanago Marketing Automation

First Steps


Starting your work with SALESmanago is very simple and will take up to 2 hours. Below you will find 10 basic steps that will let you quickly start using the system.

Add monitoring code to your website
To first step in using SALESmanago is installing a monitoring code. It will let you see what people do on your website. Copy your tracking code and paste into your website’s source code, before the end of the section. One code can be used on multiple websites.
Import your e-mail contacts to the system
Thanks to this you will be able to manage, segment and send them your e-mails and messages.
Send e-mail or newsletter to your database
Don’t waste time and send a message to your customers. Use our easy-to-use Drag & Drop Email Designer to create excellent, responsive email templates.
Set up an alert, when a contact from your database visits your web page
With the help with automatic alerts you will know who visits your page. Thanks to this, your sales team will be able to contact the client as soon as possible – when the client is interested in your offer.
Set up automatic contact’s segmentation based on what they are interested in on your website
See how easily you can segment your contact database by using tags. Personalize your email and website content to match your customers’ needs.
Set up scoring for your contacts and get alerts about Hottest Leads which are ready to buy your products or services
Monitor and take advantage of your hot leads. Points assigned to your clients will let you identify contacts who are most interested in your offer and are ready to make a purchase.
Implement contact forms to automatically monitor each new contact from your database
Design beautiful pop-up contact forms and start generating new leads! You can have a pop-up on your website in just 3 minutes.
Expand your communication with your clients with personalized content on your page
With the use of personalized banners on your website you can show content that is closely matched to your clients’ interests.
Set up lead nurturing program to automatically educate new contacts in your database
Lead nurturing will let you automatically send informative and educational e-mails about your offer to each new contact in your database.
Set up automatic marketing process or marketing campaign
Thanks to workflow you can define any marketing program or campaign that depends on any data you collect about your potential and current customers.