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Revenue Performance Management


SALESmanago enables you to automatically use transactional data for the purpose of sales and marketing. With the Revenue Performance Management Module you can analyze shopping behaviours of your prospects in time and automatically segment them according to the structure and dynamics of their expenses. In the next step, you will adjust your marketing activity to the segment a particular customer is in.

How does it work?

Using behavioural and transactional data the system automatically segments contacts into 3 groups:

  • buyers increasing their purchase rate
  • buyers decreasing their purchase rate
  • buyers with constant purchase rate

How can you use RPM?

This module allows you to effectively stimulate revenues by delivering appropriate messages to particular recipients. Those buyers who buy less may be encouraged to purchase more by discounts while those who buy more could be enticed by an offer of products or services complementary to the ones already purchased.

Using the Revenue Performance Management module you will optimize financial return on each lead acquired by your company and brought to the purchase point.

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